Success Story

Modernizing systems for a leader in FinTech


Move to the cloud in a cost effective fashion

LendingClub issues billions of dollars in loans per year to it’s customers through a technology and  data driven platform. In order to keep their competitive advantage LendingClub is committed to progressing their technology platforms and infrastructure.



Reduced new environment setup time from over a month to under an hour. Reduction of costs by 70%. A clear path to being 100% in Amazon AWS and modernization of their data platform




Amazon AWS utilizing, Terraform, Ansible, Jenkins, Hadoop, Oracle


Back to School

LendingClub’s current data center setup along with their current IT operations were holding them back from moving into a cloud based environment quickly and efficiently. After several attempts over several years to move it’s reporting stack into Amazon AWS, LendingClub was still facing an uphill journey. They were also losing sight of what the benefits might be in doing this. A successful migration of the data engineering and reporting stack to AWS would pave the way for further progress across the company.



By Design and Example

Petabloc was brought in to help design and architect a new approach to deliver the infrastructure required to power their reporting stack quickly and with structure around it to help eliminate the darkness often perceived around system and infrastructure setup. We worked with LendingClub’s relatively new DevOps teams to deploy complex reporting stacks into Amazon AWS using Terraform.

This helped to demonstrate the power of modernized delivery pipelines and it has encouraged teams to view and contribute to infrastructure development as code. Review of existing deployment and storage resulted in recommendations to reduce and track spend through effective tagging, monitoring and re-assessment of systems.


“It’s always exciting to see an organization completely transform it’s relationship with their tech infrastructure like Lawline. It meant that their servers and deployment process could go from a constant headache and resource suck to a strength that will propel them forward for years to come.”

– David Peterka, Petabloc


The Final Verdict

 LendingClub is now able to establish multiple clusters consisting of 100s of servers in less than hour using cost effective delivery techniques that are repeatable and often. This project has succeeded in creating a clear path forward for further migration into AWS. It has also one more step towards further progression and modernization of their technology stack so they can do more with their data and continue to keep their competitive advantage.  

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