Success Story

Preparing an inventive medical startup for competition


Disrupting the Medical Sector

Sirona Medical is a stealth startup solving radiology problems with modern technology.

Our client required new uses of existing technology to build and operate cutting edge machine learning using deep neural networks, natural language processing and other methods.


IaC to define HIPPAA, SOC 2 compliant AWS Organizations and infrastructure

Ingestion of millions of files into a deep learning framework



React, Amazon AWS, CircleCi, Github, Django, Pytorch (and many other AI/ML/NLP frameworks), ObjectiveFS, 

“Petabloc has really helped us to define our core system architecture and alleviated worry about security, data and management. They’ve allowed us to focus on the problems we want to solve.”

– Ankit Goyal CTO, Sirona Medical


High through put data consumption in a secure environment.

The medical sector is one of the last business area coming of age in technology. Much of the fundamental technology businesses rely on are decades old. As a result, recent years have seen an explosion of efforts to free clinics and doctors of technological burdens, so they can accomplish more and solve problems in interesting ways.

Sirona Medical needs an environment that allows them to deal with huge amounts of medical images, studies and supporting data nimbly. Their products and audience are designed to enable radiologists to quickly evaluate studies and ensure greater accuracy on their results.


Flexibility in ever changing ecosystems

We helped establish consistent CI/CD deployments using CircleCI for application layer and Jenkins for machine learning. Backed with a security and controlled deployment, via the use of Terraform, we were able to create separate accounts.

We then added access to various storage solutions, from Lustre to S3, that all presented large data sets to the application. Thus, serving data to clients, machines and models was done in a cost effective and fast delivery method.

“A startup is an interesting dance as they attempt to quickly build and market a product.  Sirona’s various solutions presented a range of unsolved problems to us that were challenging and fun to solve.”

– David Peterka, Petabloc


The Final Verdict

Terabytes of video are now sold and streamed to clients every month with consistent uptime at a coveted “5 9’s” (99.99999%) consistency, and significantly lower maintenance costs.

The development team has renewed confidence and reduced stress as they develop and deploy code updates with a system that’s always up to date. Updates to core software, including a full re-write of the software, is now possible with relatively little, if any, impact . Code releases are fully automated and developers are able to quickly revert code, if required, just as easily.

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